2017 Wine Tours
  • Pre-Game Wine Time
  • Triangle Wine Country
Pre-Game Wine Time

The pre-gaming for a bachelorette weekend has never been so much fun! We needed a bumper sticker that said, “this van stops for rainbows.” It was worth it, to find that the bright rainbows around every corner ended squarely in vineyards of golden leaves. What a gorgeous fall day to be out tasting wines! On our tours, we aim to make learning about wine fun. We love curious travelers like these ladies! They actually sprinkled in fun facts for me to learn, too. They will go home to pair their new wines, make bacon wrapped dates, discover light, medium and dark extract, and maybe…they will drink vodka out of water bottles. I will be using an ellipsis more often. Win-win!  Click the collage below for the photo album. The album will also allow you to easily download or share your memories with family and friends.

  • Triangle Wine Country

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