2018 Wine Tours
  • Locals in the sun, LA in the shade
  • Triangle Wine Country
Locals in the sun, LA in the shade

Imaginative descriptions for inflatables in the sky, surprise bubbles shared for a toast, and new friendships among strangers can sum up this day away from the kids and the LA sun. It was easy to spot the locals in this group when the sun came out this afternoon. As locals we gravitated towards it while our visiting guests reveled in the cool breeze and respite. The sun also illuminated the porch at winery three where we were served our first wine which was aptly presented as one that could easily be “pounded.” Porch pounder included, this crew found lots to like about Oregon pinot noir and all the variations they got to try throughout the day. Click on the collage for a link to more photos.

  • Triangle Wine Country

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