Emily Bowler- Office Manager

Since growing up among the vines in California's Sonoma and Russian River Valleys, I've always been fascinated by wine and winemaking, and although I have spent the past few years in the beer industry, I am now excited to be getting back to my roots in the wine industry. 

My love of the alcohol industry came from spending nearly a decade living in the UK, where I immersed myself in the pub and beer culture. As a trained historian, I focused my research on the relationship alcohol has had on society throughout the ages, and wrote my thesis on the impact the dissolution of the monasteries in England had on the beer industry in the 1500s. And while I always enjoy my drinks, I have always been a firm believer in education in the industry and of the industry. Alcohol has played such an important role in our development as a society and the growth of community involvement, and I believe that it is important that we respect that and support local, craft beverages to continue that tradition. 

I moved to Oregon in 2014 to work in the alcohol and tourism industries, hoping to combine my love of both education and drinking, and managed a beer tour business for several years. I am now in the process of obtaining my Masters of Teaching so that I can continue to teach others... always with a glass in hand, of course.