Kelly Dorius

An Oregon native, born and raised in Roseburg, I’ve experienced first hand how the wine industry has expanded throughout the state. My childhood home that was once surrounded by farmland, is now vineyards representing some of the most prestigious wine in the country. As a little girl, I vividly remember my dad drinking wine and being fascinated by it’s smell, color, and strong resemblance to juice. Granted that wine came from a box, but none-the-less planted the seed to my curiosity and later love for the “juice.”

A “connoisseur” of wine strictly in the social sense, my love for the taste only fuels my eagerness to learn more. I recently read that “success should be measured by satisfaction.” What better way to feel satisfied than by educating myself and others to enjoy the beauty of wine.

When I’m not relaxing with a glass, I’m running, baking, playing the trombone in numerous orchestras, and volunteering at the Oregon Humane Society. I am also a soon to be commercial hot air balloon pilot for Vista Balloon Adventures - meaning I’ve spent numerous hours experiencing the vineyards of the Willamette Valley from the air.