Leslie Nordella - WSET Certified Wine Professional

 “Wine is sunlight, held together by water.” I won’t attempt to say it better than Galileo. There is nothing else I do on a regular basis that can take me away to another year or place in the world so quickly as having a glass of wine. It is such a beautiful experience of the senses from the moment the bottle is open until the first sip. And so on.

I started drinking wine in Idaho in the late 90’s.  I loved my Chardonnay buttery, my Cabs loaded with new oak, and maybe a Fumé Blanc from time to time. Sure my tastes have changed a bit, but the excitement of finding what wine speaks to me has not. Now, I’m in love with the smell of Muscat because it reminds me of the orange tree blossoms in the yard of the house I grew up in. Whenever I smell it, I’m 5 years old playing in the sunlight in San Diego. Wine will take you places once you let it.

Once in Portland, I worked for some lovely restaurants and my wine knowledge expanded a great deal. There have been so many wonderful people along the way who shared a fact, story, food pairing, or a bottle with me. I would not have the brain for wine that I do had it not been for all the dedicated people I learned from in my 15 years in Portland restaurants. But I wanted more. About 2 years ago, I started WSET 2 and met my teacher, the fabulous Mimi Martin. I passed level 2 with distinction and more recently level 3, one of the more difficult classes I’ve taken, with merit.

I currently work for three incredibly talented local winemakers as a sales representative. I live in SE Portland with my husband and goof-ball son. In my spare time I love camping, shucking oysters on the beach, eating creamy cheese, pretending that my house will clean itself, watching the Packers, and being a goof-ball mom.