Nine Dejanvier

My background in the arts, education and hospitality sparks my passion for creating special experiences utilizing all senses and taking us out of the ordinary- which the journey of cultivating wine appreciation epitomizes for me.

I began my wine education in 2005 serving in fine dining restaurants, developing a passion for wine pairing that inspires a deeper thirst for knowledge. I discover a love for both the complex flavors and aromas of fermented grapes mixed with a terroir of regions I’ve dreamt of travelling, as well as those from my home terrain.

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, I was encouraged to cultivate my artistic inclinations and love of nature. In college I studied experimental film in Olympia and San Francisco, and then painting, art history, and education in Portland. The crossroads of art and science is where I have always felt most energized- and have found that experience renewed through studying wine.

The process of learning to taste wine is a lesson in trusting my own palette. Similar to training my eye through painting to perceive a greater spectrum of colors in the world around me, learning to taste wine helps me develop a greater distinction of aromas and terrior nuances in the glass. The more I learn, the more I appreciate- and the more I recognize there is to know.

Indebted to the influence of my hospitality industry mentors and peers to further my education in wine, I pursued the Wine & Spirits Education Trust (WSET) Level 2 Award, passing with Distinction. I have plans in motion to continue my wine certifications with both the WSET as well as the Society of Wine Educators.  

When my amazing partner and I are not travelling, we love soaking up the sun with our two tiny cat-like dogs, swimming in rivers and outdoor pools, and riding motorcycles.