Private Wine Classes

Are you looking for a unique way to have fun with your friends, family or co-workers? A private wine class in your home or business is a great way to learn more about wine. This class is designed for up to 15 people with an all-inclusive price of $399. Want to host a larger class?  No problem.  Your Personal Sommelier, Dan K. Johnson, will take you through a systematic approach to wine tasting.  This approach encourages communication between participants and helps you understand the quality and uniquenesses in each wine.  

Your private wine class includes:
  • Two bottles of sparkling wine to enjoy before your class begins
  • Six bottles (or more) of wine specific to your class topic
  • Review sheets, pens, and all educational materials
  • All stemware (8oz flute and 12oz wine)
  • Two hours with a Personal Sommelier

What's not included? Any snacks, appetizers, desserts or gratuity.  Also, we are more than happy to match the food and wine for your class for a nominal fee.

Book a Private Wine Class now!

Classes are typically offered on Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays; however, we are flexible with the date and time.  

Here are some great class ideas from previous events:

Does Vintage Equal Quality?  An in-depth comparison of wines from the same year from the same region (usually specific to one AVA) so we can understand what happens during each growing season and why.

Wines of the Gorge?  A unique selection of wines from the Hood River area with a few unique and special options.

Wines of Washington?  A lovely selection of big reds and beautiful, crisp whites. Learn more about why Washington is the 2nd largest producer of wine in America.

Anything but Chardonnay?  Nope….its all Chardonnay from around the world.  Various vintages, some with oak, some organic and some aged in unique ways.

Big Reds and Refreshing Whites.  Here we get to challenge your palates with a diverse selection of wine to learn and discuss the systematic approach to tasting even more. 

Old World vs. New World.  We take various wines from various regions and vintages and provide a comparison of something old (i.e. France, Italy, Spain) to something new (i.e. America, Australia, New Zealand). 

Any other idea you think of....call today (503 476-1006) and let's figure out your unique class idea.  It's always fun to plan your wine class around the appetizers you plan to serve!