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An amazing funfilled with fabulous wine


My dear friend and I chose Triangle Wine Country Tours based on the wonderful reviews we saw on line…and wow! We’re so very glad that we did!! Dan was simply amazing. Not only did we enjoy the unique vineyards he took us to visit…within moments of being with Dan we knew we had made a…

Bad Ass Chardonnay


What do you get when you put together a few residents from the warm coastal South and a guest from London?  A whole lot of fun!  Even better is tasting a badass chardonnay.  Not all wines are created equal, and the Willamette Valley has enough wonderful wines for everyone…..even a red wine drinker who now…

Clowns In A Car


Remember the circus and how many clowns came out of one car?  This is how our third stop described a bolder Pinot Noir on the flight which was a partially fermented whole cluster.  Today’s tour was an insightful day full of wonderful new friends.  Friends that enjoy clowns just as much as me! Click here for…

Efficiency 2.0


Upgraded from efficiency model 1.0, this group was quite shy in the beginning but went to task when there was wine to taste! We love converting “beer only” and “red only” embibers to full-on Oregon wine drinkers. We adore sharing what we love about the Valley and we really enjoy when our groups end the…

Happy Birthday with Wine


Another wonderful wine class and new friends who are now part of our fruit family. We focused on varietal and vintage variations that showcase themselves through winemaker styles and techniques. Awesome and a great birthday gift! Click on the collage for a link to more photos. Click here for the entire photo album.

Nothing Down the Drain


Today’s tour with a few executives in the plumbing, sewer, drain & water restoration business made it clear that enjoying life and keeping positive could keep everything from going down the drain.  We all need a break, a moment to reflect, laugh and reconnect with ourselves….something a day in the wine country can help to…

Moderate Your Heat


Portland provides a wonderful opportunity for first-time visitors to try many things, including our amazing wines.  This family enjoyed a lovely day of fermented fruit and beautiful views.  Even though the dinner plans at night might bring too much heat to their palate, today as perfectly cool and relaxing. Click here for more photos.

Rain, Wine & Foggy Brains


An overcast day with light rain did not keep these new friends from enjoying a day in the wine country.  We started with sparkling wine, various white wines and some lovely Pinot Noir.  After learning more about how to taste wine like a pro, we enjoyed a beautiful charcuterie platter of locally sourced items and…

Intimate Relationship with Pineapple


We at Triangle Wine Country Tours are going to take what this fun group said and run with it. And because of them, we might even change our tagline to “the gateway drug for wine tasting!” Our group of first-time wine tour participants found much to love about the lexicon associated with wine tasting and…

Bookends of Bubbles


Bubbles in the morning, Bubbles in the evening… Bubbles anytime! In celebration of life and DINKS love, these four found lots to enjoy about Oregon and Washington wine by way of Oregon winemakers’ hands. From learning its usual for couples not to love the same exact wine to getting set to share their new wine…