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Archive: Sep 2017

Badminton Anyone?


Although badminton is often played as a casual outdoor sport in a yard or on a beach, these six friends have taken badminton to a new level….a very awesome level.  They are close friends with a great team spirit.  That bond, along with some wonderful wine, made for a winning day. Click here for the photo…

The Golden Grapes


Both of these guests have traveled extensively through wine regions of the world.  Today we experienced classic Willamette Valley Fall weather with sun breaks and rain showers as well as a side by side Pommard clone comparisons that was a great learning experience!  We explored soil types, vintage variation, the vast array of wine maker’s…

Oklahoma Riesling Meets Oregon Riesling


We had a special treat in our van today. This group from Oklahoma included the owner and winemaker from some of the very first Riesling and Gewurztraminer vines planted in Oklahoma. The comparison of all that is good in Oregon Riesling commenced around all the delicious Pinot Noir found in Oregon to wrap up a…

Momma’s Kool-Aid


Today’s was a girl’s day on tour as these life-long friends learned more about the Willamette Valley as they created unforgettable memories.  It’s always such an honor to share our beautiful wine region and the amazing diversity of high-quality wines that we produce with other people who love and appreciate wine too.  Come back soon…

Mom’s Day Out


Visiting Portland for a softball league world championship their husbands’ team will surely win, these great negotiators took the day away from the family and softballs to enjoy some wine with us. New to Pinot Noir, we’d like to think we created some new Pinot Noir lovers! It was a perfect pre-harvest day as we…

The Moments that Matter


We spent the day visiting four different wineries located in four different AVA’s and learned more about wine and what makes wine so unique and special.  From Reisling to Pinot Blanc Noir to Pinot Gris Rose as well as sampling unreleased Chardonnays and older library wines, the day became a wonderful wine country experience creating moments,…