Wine Classes

"Let's explore the world of wine together"- Dan K. Johnson

Quick Details

Groups up to 15 people
Group of 16 to 25


  • Two bottles of sparkling wine to enjoy before your class begins
  • Six bottles (or more) of wine specific to your class topic
  • Review sheets, pens, and all educational materials
  • All stemware (8oz flute and 12oz wine)
  • Two hours with a personal sommelier
  • * What’s not included? Any snacks, appetizers, desserts or gratuity. Also, we are more than happy to match the food and wine for your class for a nominal fee.

Private Classes For Wine Lovers

Do you love wine? Do you want to learn more about wine? A private wine class in your home or business is a great way to learn more about wine and have fun with your friends and family.  Dan K. Johnson will take you through a systematic approach to wine tasting and discuss key points related to your class topic.  This approach encourages communication between participants and helps to train your palate on the uniqueness in each wine we taste. Since the wine labels remain hidden during class, it is always a fun surprise to see who preferred which wine and why! Email Dan now and let’s plan your party!