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Winery Dogs (and a Cat)

Newsflash! Triangle Wine Country Tours is getting a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy! Our first dog was also a Berner: Sierra (see below left with our daughter Chloe in 2001) and we were so in love with her, I knew my next dog had to be a Berner too. As we await the arrival of our…

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June 10, 2023

Founders of the Willamette Valley and New Founders Tour!

The history of wine in the Willamette Valley is a fascinating story populated by forward thinking, risk taking, and innovative people. It’s a tale worth knowing if you live here or plan to visit. Collaboration is the concept that applies both to our founders and, 50 years later, the Willamette Valley wine community. I choose…

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March 27, 2023

Innovation at Oregon Wineries!

The Willamette Valley is renowned for its Pinot Noirs. Fully 70% of its vineyards are dedicated to this “heartbreak” grape. This grape is notorious for being delicate, picky, prone to mildew, as well as difficult to perfect but when all goes right it compares to the best Burgundies in France, and brings wine enthusiasts from…

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February 17, 2023

Ancient Wine Or How Old is Winemaking Really?

This blog post is for wine geeks interested in the global origins and history of wine making. If this topic piques your interest, read on! I have long been a proud nerd and love diving into the nitty-gritty of the wine world to have plenty of know-how to share with my customers.   If wine…

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January 24, 2023

Newberg: The Gateway Town to the Willamette Valley!

Where does the Willamette Valley start? Geographically speaking, if you drive in from downtown Portland, south on Route 99, in under an hour you will reach the first wineries in the town of Newberg. Complete with vineyards, scenic tasting rooms and production facilities, Newberg is truly the gateway to the best of Oregon wines! Once…

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December 16, 2022

Dundee: The Center of Northern Willamette Valley!

  Last week I wrote about McMinnville, the largest town in the northern Willamette Valley and the furthest from Portland. As we drive north from McMinnville back to Portland along Route 99, the next town with many amenities is Dundee, the town closest to Dundee Hills sub AVA (American Viticultural Area). Dundee is a great…

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December 1, 2022

The Heart of the Willamette Valley: McMinnville

You know you have arrived when the New York Times makes you the centerpiece of an article. McMinnville had this honor last week when the Frugal Traveler did just that. Entitled, “Sip Oregon Wine Country, No Driving Required”, McMinnville was highlighted as the rare wine region accessible by public transit from the city center and…

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November 19, 2022

Oregon’s Wine Reputation Continues to Grow!

The History Since I am relatively new to the Willamette Valley, I spend my down time researching the history of the Oregon wine industry so I can better educate our tour guests about this unique wine region. I just finished reading “Pinot Girl” by Anne Maria Ponzi, published in 2020. Upon reading, I was surprised…

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October 26, 2022

The Story of Regenerative Vineyard Farming in Oregon: Part II

In part I I discussed the history of Biodynamic farming in Oregon and its connection to regenerative farming. Here I am calling out several estate wineries who walk the walk on Biodynamic and regenerative farming in the Willamette Valley:   Montinore Estate, Forest Grove (5) is a vineyard keeping regenerative practices alive, and, with 200…

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September 26, 2022

The Story of Regenerative Vineyard Farming in Oregon, Part I

Even though Oregon only produces one percent of the wines made in the United States, this states accounts for 52% of total vineyard acres that have received biodynamic® certification from Demeter USA  Oregon has the highest percentage of biodynamic wineries of any state: 15 are officially Demeter Biodynamic certified, while another 30 wineries claim to…

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September 6, 2022