Skye Leybold- Tour Guide



I grew up in the Columbia Gorge and earned a degree in Geography from the University of Oregon. After college, I settled in Portland because of a great job offer, and that's where I met the love of my life. We now have two kids in middle school and two silly dogs.  Once I became a parent, I decided to quit my job and focus on family. This was easier said than done. I continually found myself seeking out hobbies and taking seminars. First knitting, then cooking, then photography, and finally wine.  

An acquaintance of mine knew I was looking to get out of the house and suggested I join the staff at a winery she was working at. It would be weekends, a couple of shifts per month, and always an adventure.

Well, it turned out that the year I spent working in the tasting room at Argyle Winery would light a huge fire in me. Rollin Soles, the winemaker at the time, held staff classes. And the more I learned about wine, the more I wanted to learn!

When my youngest began middle school I knew the time was finally ripe for me to start planning and studying for my next stage and that would include wine in some way. I began taking classes through the Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET), which is globally recognized as the international standard in wine knowledge, eventually completing the Level 2 Award.

As I was completing this certification it became more and more apparent that the focus of my passion was definitely on the wines we have here in our bountiful Pacific Northwest. I love showing both the people who have lived here their entire lives and our visitors the truly amazing wines grown right in my back yard. I am often asked, “What wines are good?” And my response is, “The wines that taste good to you.” And I love helping someone discover what wine tastes good to them.